2017 BMW G310R

Base Price: $5,500 (est.)

You doesn’t typically think of BMW as “cheap” bikes, but the new G 310 R is here to change that. The new bike uses a 313cc liquid-cooled single cylinder that cranks out 34 hp up at 9,500 rpm. And that’s plenty because this little bike weighs just 350 pounds. But the thing that makes the new BMW such a standout in this smaller-class of sporty bikes is the high-level of craftsmanship with which it’s built. This doesn’t look or feel like a budget bike. And like the more expensive BMWs, this one is fitted with ABS standard.

We are particularly smitten by the bike’s style—especially when it’s wearing the classic old-school BMW white with red and blue stripes paint scheme. BMW hasn’t yet announced pricing, but competitors like Honda’s CBR300R and Kawasaki’s Ninja 300 come in around $5000, so don’t expect this one to stray too far outside that pricing neighborhood.

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