2017 Kawasaki Z125 Pro

Base Price: $3,000

Honda broke new ground with its Grom minibike back in 2014. It was cute, fun, and quickly became cult hit. The bike was such a success, Kawasaki wanted a slice of that 125cc single-cylinder pie. The new Z125 Pro is ultra-compact and light (225 lbs.) Plus it undercuts that Honda in price. In fact, it’s the only bike on our list that dips below $3,000.

The low 31.7-inch seat height means it’s an easy machine for riders with nearly any stature. The Z125 certainly looks aggressive and has a sport-style suspension that should make it a blast around town. Of course, if you need to hit the freeway, this little Kawi won’t cut it. But it’s so small and inexpensive, we could see owning one and parking it right next to a full-size bike as a spunky little errand hopper. Best of all? The Z125 should return close to 100 mpg.

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