Ducati SuperSport

Base Price: $13,000

Modern sportbikes have the technology, power, and sharp handling to seamlessly make the transition from road to track. But isn’t there room for a sportbike that’s just a little more comfortable? Apparently so. Ducati has created a sportbike that’s friendly to ride every day. The riding position is more upright so less of your bodyweight is focused down on your wrists.

Still, this is still a beastly-quick machine thanks to is 937cc liquid-cooled L-Twin that puts down 113 hp way up at 9,000 rpm. And with just 463 pounds to pull around, it certainly won’t be lacking when the road twists. The Supersport comes standard with a system that dials in specific riding and power modes (not unlike a modern high performance sport sedan) and includes traction and ABS.

And since it’s a Ducati—the Supersport is one good-looking bike. For those that need a little more, the Supersport S model ($14,795) adds high-performance suspension and clutchless shifting.

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